The mission of the Progressive Women's Alliance is to influence public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.

PWA Values and Policy Statement

Candidates seeking endorsement or contributions from the Progressive Women’s Alliance of West Michigan must indicate their support of our Values and Policy Statement:

The Progressive Women’s Alliance of West Michigan (PWA) is a non-partisan organization working to revitalize grass roots involvement in the political process.

In order to secure a just and socially responsible society, we support an efficient and effective government which empowers citizens to achieve success, balances the power of the private sector and assures a reasonable standard of living for all, consistent with human dignity.

We embrace the democratic values of freedom of association and freedom of speech. We are proud to live in a nation that legally separates church and state and yet celebrates the principle of tolerance of cultural and religious differences. We are committed to the right of privacy to make choices regarding reproduction.

Acting together as a community and motivated by the principle of equality, we support the use of affirmative action as a means toward achieving an inclusive and diverse society. We believe that a high quality public educational system is the most effective manner in which a democracy ensures meaningful opportunities to realize the potential of each individual.

We view the strengthening of international law and international organizations as the most reliable safeguard against aggressive state behavior. We support efforts to assist women and children in societies ravaged by war, poverty and disease or who have been discriminated against by repressive regimes.